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Our Staff

Patrick Glines

Chief Executive Officer

Pat has more than 30-years of experience working in the guide field, serving in various roles from guide dog instructor to program manager to revamping guide dog programs. His work has taken him all over the world from Oregon, New York, Australia, New Zealand, and Chile, where he helped build and improve programs. Pat graduated with a masters degree in Orientation and Mobility and is certified by the International Guide Dog Federation as a guide dog mobility instructor.

At Guide Dogs of Texas, a key focus for Pat will be on quality improvement of the puppy raising and training programs; and most importantly on ensuring that the needs of the clients are being met. He understands the complexity and importance of factors such as the dog’s temperament and focus that contribute to the overall success of the dog and safety of their owner.

Michael Crittell

Director of Philanthropy

Michael Crittell serves as our Director of Philanthropy. He has served in the nonprofit sector for several years and possesses an unwavering commitment to effecting positive change.  As the Director of Philanthropy, Michael spearheads our fundraising initiatives and forges strategic partnerships to fortify our mission.

Lawrence Czelusta

Apprentice Guide Dog Mobility Instructor

Lawrence has over 4 years with the organization. Lawrence began working for Guide Dogs of Texas in 2008, as a live-in kennel manager, who provided care and training for the dogs. He also assisted clients in meeting any needs they may have had while they stayed at the center during their training. In 2012, he pursued other passions, returning in 2020. Looking for more meaningful work, he began a career as an Apprentice Guide Dog Mobility Instructor.

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