Helping Blind Texans to increase their freedom, mobility and independence

Freedom, Mobility and Independence

"Walking with a guide dog is the purest form of joy I’ve ever experienced. For someone who is blind, the willing heart and bright eyes of a guide dog represent the freedom to travel your life’s path."

- Sandy Merrill, CEO

Serving Texas

"With Bell at my side, people aren’t afraid to approach me anymore – before, they hesitated. It shows how wonderful a dog like Bell can help lower barriers. She has helped erase stereotypes about people with visual impairments."

- Amanda, Graduate

The image shows two cute baby puppies in the nursery. These yellow lab pups are investigating a baby pool.

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Don’t forget, GDTX is still in need of Puppy Raisers!

If you have any interest in raising a future guide dog, contact us today!