Donor Advised Funds

Gifts from donor advised funds help us fulfill our life-changing mission and can be designated to support specific programs such as client support, guide dog/client matching & training program, our apprentice program, or puppy or dog naming/sponsorships. DAFs are a simple, flexible, tax-wise option.

How a DAF Works

DAFs are established and administered through community foundations, financial institutions, and through some individual charitable organizations. These are known as “sponsoring organizations.”

The donor donates cash, stock, or other assets to the DAF and realizes tax benefits in that year.

If the gift asset is other than cash, the sponsoring organization will liquidate it.

The donor may recommend grants from the DAF to charities of their choice at a time they choose.

The sponsoring organization distributes the grant to the charitable organization.

DAF Benefits

Immediate Tax Advantages. Contributions to DAFs are tax-deductible in the year the gift is made to the fund. If the donor contributes long-term appreciated property, such as securities or real estate, the donor will bypass capital gains tax as well.

Flexibility. DAFs offer donors the ability to separate the decision to make a charitable gift from the decision about which charity to support and when. Donors may contribute assets to the DAF when it’s financially advantageous but recommend grants to their chosen charities later, even in another year. Donors may also recommend gifts to certain charities on a regularly scheduled basis (annually, for example.)

DAF as Part of Your Planned Giving

You may designate Guide Dogs of Texas to receive a distribution from a terminating DAF as a “bequest” without affecting your other estate plans. You must make this designation/grant recommendation through the sponsoring organization.

If you would like to make a planned gift to Guide Dogs of Texas by recommending GDTX as a recipient of the remainder of your DAF or a final grant from your DAF, please let us know so that we may show our gratitude.

How to Make a Donor Advised Fund Gift to Guide Dogs of Texas

Contact your DAF sponsoring organization to recommend a grant. Give them the following information:

Our Legal Name: Guide Dogs of Texas, Inc.

Our Federal Tax ID Number: 74-2530268

Mailing Address: Guide Dogs of Texas, 1503 Allena Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78213


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