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Saved Rows 1 Our volunteers at GDTX change many lives, including their own.

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Our Vision

The vision of Guide Dogs of Texas is to serve all Texans who are visually impaired and who would benefit from the use of a guide dog.

Our Core Values

An integral part of our vision for the future entails six core values:


We endeavor to understand the challenges and circumstances of the clients we serve and strive to enhance their mobility and independence.
We provide an excellent quality of life for puppies and dogs in training, using modern, humane techniques.
We teach our clients to handle and care for their dogs in the same manner.


We honor all commitments to clients, volunteers, employees and the community at large.
We practice good stewardship of all gifts entrusted to the organization.


We respect and promote the role of the client, volunteer and employee as equal contributors in the mission of the organization.


We offer ongoing support for our graduates, designed to enhance client confidence and ensure successful, long-term graduate “team” outcomes.


We provide our services in the client’s home environment in order to create a relaxed, informal atmosphere that helps minimize client anxiety and promotes positive transitional and learning experiences for both guide dog and client.

Team Spirit

We work together with positive attitudes, combining our strengths, skills, knowledge and talents to achieve the mission of the organization.

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Freedom, Mobility and Independence

Our professional staff, along with a group of committed and trained volunteers, including puppy raisers, boarders and sitters, provide support and resources for our clients at the difficult time when they are transitioning to accommodate their impairment. 

Guide Dogs of Texas has provided more than 240,000 days of guided sight – and days of freedom and independence – since our founding in 1989. We invite you to join us and help us make a difference for Texans with blindness through "The Best Dogs in Sight."

Help blind Texans to increase their freedom, mobility and independence

More than
Texans impacted through our outreach efforts

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Freedom, Mobility and Independence

We at Guide Dogs of Texas provide mobility, freedom and independence for Texans with blindness or visual impairments. Our professionally bred, raised, trained and personally matched guide dogs serve as “eyes” for Texans and are their loving and constant companions – living examples of the power of the human-animal connection.

Personal Training and Ongoing Support

Once a guide dog owner is matched with a guide dog, they begin an individualized one-on-one “in home” training program with a certified Guide Dog Mobility Instructor. Due to our flexible program and specialized matching process, 100% of matched applicants have graduated successfully with their dogs.

Our clients receive going support, education and training, and all of our dogs are cared for their entire life. Dogs unable to complete guide dog training find alternate careers or are rehomed to a carefully screened caregiver. Retired guide dogs often become ambassador dogs for our outreach program. No GDTX canine ever enters the stray population.

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Freedom, Mobility and Independence

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Serving Texas

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Volunteer Opportunities

Don’t forget, GDTX is still in need of Puppy Raisers!

If you have any interest in raising a future guide dog, contact us today!

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Every donation matters. Why Support Us?

Your gift will help us fulfill our mission while providing you with the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping a Texan gain their freedom, mobility and independence.

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Support GDTX

Thank you for giving blind Texan the gift of guided sight and for supporting our mission.

How do you make a difference?

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Other Ways To Give

Questions? Please contact us at: