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Welcome to the Mobile Device version of the Guide Dogs of Texas website. To view our site in Desktop mode, scroll to the bottom for a link. You can also go to our Text Only Pages

We are Guide Dogs of Texas, the only guide dog school in the Lone Star state.

We provide guide dogs to visually impaired Texans as well as offering unique client services such as specialized matching, training and follow-up. Each of our dogs is specially bred, raised and trained. None of this would be possible without our amazing staff, board of directors, donors and volunteers.

Grace just had puppies!

Support Grace’s puppies for the first year of their life (as well as Indie, Ivy, Ivan and Ike who arrived in July) by being 1 of 20 supporters to take the “Puppy Pledge”!

Get your Gino’s Amigos! T-Shirt now.

As seen on KSAT TV! Gino’s Amigos! shirts now available in our online store.

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View our latest cute video!

View our new I Have a Dream Video for some puppy cuteness.

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A few PHOTOS (work in progress)

Images of the Banner Slides from our desktop website.

Combined Federal Campaign number is 3 9 8 0 3 for G D T X

Take the Puppy Pledge

Slide about I litter puppies

Slide about Gino Slide about Finn And Steven Slide about Austin Team Slide about Sponsorship Slide about Leaders of the Pack

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