How Could a Guide Dog Help You?

Making the decision to apply for a guide dog is a major milestone, and being accepted into our rigorous program is a major milestone and a life-changing event. But you’ll be glad you did once you arrive at our training center, where a cadre of caring staff and compassionate volunteers work on your behalf to ensure that you – and your dog – graduate with success and ready to live your life with newfound freedom, confidence and independence to get from A to Z like never before.

It takes a dedicated team to operate such an ambitious and vital organization such as ours, as we strive to fulfill our goals and visions of providing guide dogs to the blind. It all begins with our friendly office manager greeting you with a warm voice on the phone, to our guide dog mobility instructors tailoring your training, to the kennel assistants who feed our dogs to others who are involved with fundraising, hosting special events and speaking to community to help spread the good word about us.

If you’re ready for a guide dog, you’ve come to the right place. At Guide Dogs of Texas, we will guide you to independence with a loving and furry, four-legged companion.