What is the ACES Program?

Guide Dogs of Texas provides Annual Continuing Education and Support (ACES) to all of our teams. During your ACES visit, an instructor will visit you to ensure that you and your dog are working in a safe and efficient manner.

Additionally, instructors offer in-person assistance learning new routes, incorporating new means of public transportation, solving access issues, talking with family, friends or members of the public about the role of a guide dog, and addressing any health issues of the dog.

These visits are a time for you to add to your knowledge of guide dog mobility and to continue to improve your freedom and mobility. In addition to the yearly ACES visits, instructors provide support visits as well. If you have an immediate issue that cannot be resolved over the phone or cannot wait for your annual visit, an instructor will make every effort to schedule a support visit as soon as possible.

A few examples of immediate issues that would necessitate a support visit are: you have moved and would like assistance learning new routes, you or your dog have had a significant health change, or you have had a significant vision change. You are always encouraged to call the instructors if you have questions. Addressing such important issues right away is always the best thing to do.