How Applicants and Dogs are Matched

Guide Dogs of Texas does not have a “first-come, first-served” matching procedure. Every applicant that is awaiting training is considered bi-annually to create the best match possible.

Preference of matching is given to those who have waited longest. Also, clients retraining with another dog from Guide Dogs of Texas have priority to avoid or to minimize time without a guide dog. The average wait time from the time you are accepted as a candidate to the time you receive your guide dog is typically one to two years.

While waiting for a dog, it is normal to wonder what your current status is. Please be assured that we are working hard to ensure the best match for you! We understand the frustration of waiting; therefore, we always welcome you to check on your status.

When a suitable match is found from the dogs in training, an instructor will call and let you know of the potential match. We will give some brief information about your dog and then set up a visit in your home. This is one of our favorite phone calls to make as we share genuinely in your excitement!

We will set up a visit for you and the dog to meet and for the dog to be introduced to your home. You will have a chance to ask questions and to take a short walk with the dog. If you and your instructor are satisfied with the match, then class is scheduled for training. Every effort will be made to give you at least one month’s notice for class. The timing and type of class is scheduled in consideration of your needs, the needs of other clients, and the needs and resources of the school.