Adopt a Former Guide Dog

On occasion, guide dogs within our organization are released from the program because of retirement age, temperament or health issues. When that happens, we need applicants to adopt one of those dogs as a “re-home” dog and welcome them into a home with much love and care. These dogs are unique and special dogs that deserve a wonderful retirement or forever home. If you think you can provide a permanent and loving home, we encourage you to apply. All applicants undergo an interview and training process. Please note, however, that applicants are not guaranteed a dog. Each time a dog is released, all applicants in our database are considered; thus, the application process is not first-come, first-served.

Re-home Options
The first place we look to re-home the dog is the puppy raiser family who devoted more than a year of raising the dog.  If the puppy raiser family is unable to adopt the dog, we then consider those on our waiting list.

Adoption Process
With a limited number of dogs available, the waiting list is long and it can be several years before a dog is available for you to adopt. When a dog becomes available, we will contact the family who most suits the needs and personality of that particular dog. This may not always be the family who has been on the waiting list the longest.

When we contact you about adopting a dog, we will inform you of the dog’s background, medical history, and the reason it is being released from the training program. This information should help you with your decision.

The adoption fee is $600. This helps to defray the expenses that Guide Dogs of Texas has incurred in the health care, training and maintenance of the dog. In certain cases, Guide Dogs of Texas might waive the re-home fee if the dog is older or has medical issues. However, you can always make a donation in your dog’s honor.

Once you have adopted a dog, you have certain responsibilities. Your dog must be examined at least once a year by an approved veterinarian, and a completed certificate of health must be forwarded to Guide Dogs of Texas. You must be willing and able to provide daily walks and play times suitable to your dog’s age and health. Your dog should live indoors, using the yard for supervised relief and play only. Your dog shouldn’t be left alone for more than 4 hours at time, as guide dogs have been socialized to be with people all day. The most important responsibility is to love and enjoy your new family member!

If at any time you cannot care for your re-homed dog or if we believe that the dog is not being appropriately cared for, the dog must be returned to Guide Dogs of Texas. Our staff will make follow-up visits to your home three months and 12 months after placement. As the adoptive family, you might be responsible for transportation costs incurred by the Guide Dogs of Texas staff for these visits.

For further information or to apply to become an adoptive family, you can call our training department at (210) 366-4081, or e-mail or download the Rehome Adoption Application and send it to us. Once you have been accepted onto our waiting list, you are encouraged to follow-up with the training staff on a quarterly basis. The adoption process is lengthy and your continued interest will assist us in our placement process.